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Slave and remote builds[edit | edit source]

One of the limitations of building iPhone applications is that they must be compiled on a Mac with the XCode developer tools installed.

Have you considered the automake+autoconf stuff also? I'm not a big fan of that but the whole GNUstep stuff is realyl lots of Makefile and extra makefiles etc. doing that by hand seems to be a lot of needless work.
And one can use ants with Objectice C also if you insist.
You can check other make

[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

amazing! for $300 

Hudson[edit | edit source]\

Rake[edit | edit source]

quite nice and programmable in Ruby.

Steptalk[edit | edit source]

stuff prebably could be a base for Objective C stuff also.

[edit | edit source]

winChain[edit | edit source]

It's the easiest possible way to build the iPhone toolchain on a Windows XP/Vista computer.
How Does winChain Work?
1. Download winChain from the Downloads section, and then the preBuiltToolchain file here.
2. Download WinRAR from and use it to extract the preBuiltToolchain. Be sure to right-click the RAR and choose "Extract Here" not "Extract to preBuiltToolchain" or any of the other options!
3. Launch winChain.exe and browse to your preBuiltToolchain folder.
4. Hit the first button to copy over the files.
5. Hit the second button to install Cygwin.
6. Hit the third button if you want to install Notepad++ for code-writing.
And you're done!
How Do I Make Projects?
winChain also comes with the winChain Template Generator, which you can use to create a skeleton application that you can write code into and then build easily. Just launch the generator, give it your Name and your Application's Name, choose a folder to put it in ("iphone-apps" in your cygwin folder recommended, or you'll have to edit your Makefile!), and it will make the project for you.