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WikiMiniAtlas is a Javascript plugin to display a draggable, zoomable, and clickable worldmap (as well as Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Io and Titan imagery) in geocoded Wikipedia articles. The map contains links to all other geocoded articles in Wikipedia and can be magnified down to streetlevel. 3D building models are displayed in modern browsers.

Kartographer[edit | edit source]

The Kartographer extension lets you display maps (based around OpenStreetMap) in wiki pages. It was specifically designed in order to run on Wikimedia sites such as Wikivoyage and Wikipedia, although it can be used on any wiki... tools for displaying maps: On the client side (within the browser): Leaflet... On the server side: Kartotherian, a map tile service developed by the Wikimedia Foundation, which itself contains code from Mapbox

In addition to drawing polygons using GeoJSON, you may also get outlines of the well known geographical objects by their Wikidata ID if they are marked as such in the OpenStreetMap database.

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