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demos[edit | edit source]

is not good at

requirements[edit | edit source]

on TypeScript

does not depend on jQuery

depends on Angular Material for example in multiselect on @angular/cdk/scrolling

sources[edit | edit source]

features[edit | edit source]

UI data[edit | edit source]

are got from JS therefore it is hard to localize PrimeNG in xlif in contrast to Angular Material

Change Detection[edit | edit source]

DataTable either uses setter based checking or ngDoCheck to realize if the underlying data has changed to update the UI. This is configured using the immutable property, when enabled (default) setter based detection is utilized so your data changes such as adding or removing a record should always create a new array reference instead of manipulating an existing array as Angular does not trigger setters if the reference does not change. For example, use slice instead of splice when removing an item or use spread operator instead of push method when adding an item. On the other hand, setting immutable property to false removes this restriction by using ngDoCheck with IterableDiffers to listen changes without the need to create a new reference of data. Setter based method is faster however both methods can be used depending on your preference. Note that immutable property also defines how DataTable treats the data, for example when immutable is enabled sorting does not mutate the original data but creates a new array of sorted data.

caused us to abandon PrimeNG and cancel our plans for PrimeNG premium services (we're a mid sized software company in the states). You can't make a framework for business/enterprise and then change things like this with no warning, proper documentation, and debate in your community.

components[edit | edit source]

JS libraries with localization[edit | edit source]

Localization for different languages and formats is defined by binding the locale settings object to the locale property.

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