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Unfortunately, we have some sad news. Mapzen will cease operations at the end of January 2018... Alternate services and hosted APIs... Nextzen (A long-term support version of own own Tilezen) Mapbox OpenMapTiles Thunderforest MAPCAT... For routing and navigation... GraphHopper Mapbox Directions API Project OSRM... For search and geocoding... (A new hosted version of our very own Pelias) Nominatim OpenCage Data OSMNames Mapbox Search API

Elevation api[edit | edit source]

Mapzen terrain tiles... are available for zooms 0 through 15 and are available in several spatial data formats... Terrarium format PNG tiles contain raw elevation data in meters (red * 256 + green + blue / 256) - 32768

new Nextzen locations... You can still access the Tilezen terrain tiles in 256 sized tiles via the existing Amazon public dataset S3 endpoints