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StyleCop Installation[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to install StyleCop as nuget package "StyleCop.MSBuild" because it is possible to deploy it on travis-ci. In such case dotNet 3.5 should be installed on developer PC.

manually[edit | edit source]

Please use the following steps to install and configure the StyleCop on a developer PC.

  1. Download StyleCop 4.7.x.x and StyleCop+ 1.10.0.
  2. Run the StyleCop-4.7.x.x.msi file in order to install the StyleCop.
  3. Install all features of the StyleCop.
  4. Copy the StyleCopPlus.dll file to the StyleCop folder (the StyleCop is installed into the C:\Program Files (x86)\StyleCop 4.7 folder by default).
  5. Unblock the file StyleCopPlus.dll (right-click then choose Properties) if necessary.

The StyleCop is available here:

The StyleCop+ is available here:

StyleCop C# guide[edit | edit source]

Stored in file Settings.StyleCop.

It tries to be compliant with CSharp coding guide‎.


  1. SA1309 FieldNamesMustNotBeginWithUnderscore was disabled
  2. SA1300 ElementMustBeginWithUpperCaseLetter "property names begin with an upper-case letter" was disabled

errors[edit | edit source]

При запуску Visual Studio з'являється StyleCop Exception.jpg[edit | edit source]

Unblock the file StyleCopPlus.dll does not help

  • Помилка виправилась зі зміною Visual Studio 2013 на Visual Studio 2015

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