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has very impressive demo at

likes Angular#2 and Polymer

Responsive web design‎ is Vaadin includes support for responsive design which enables size range conditions in CSS selectors, allowing conditional CSS rules that respond to size changes in the browser window on the client-side... You can use the Responsive extension JAVA to extend either a component, typically a layout, or the entire UI

classes[edit | edit source]

.flexwrap[width-range~="0-499px"] {
    .itembox {width: 100%}
.flexwrap[width-range~="500px-"] {
    .itembox {width: 50%}

/* Quite little space */
.toggledisplay[width-range~="0-499px"] {
    .enoughspace    {display: none}

/* Plenty of space */
.toggledisplay[width-range~="500px-"] {
    .notenoughspace {display: none}