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The Web Animations API is native JavaScript that allows you to create more complex sequential animations without loading any external scripts... movement to align the performance of CSS animations and the flexibility of sequencing in JavaScript under one roof

As for the performance of the Web Animations API, it is identical to Css animations/Transitions. It is exactly the same code running both. The whole purpose of Web Animations API is to be a lower-level API on top of which CSS Animations/Transitions run. (And SMIL too, for that matter.)

not supported in iOS versions

There are a number of small differences between the terminology used in Css animations and the terminology used in Web Animations. For instance, Web Animations doesn't use the string "infinite", but instead uses the JavaScript keyword Infinity. And instead of timing-function we use easing. We aren’t listing an easing value here because, unlike CSS Animations where the default animation-timing-function is ease, in the Web Animations API the default easing is linear