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Why SVN better than TFS_Sources ?

1. We need common scripts/sources place not linked to a project, sometimes accesible with well-known credentials for reading even maybe anonimously

  • if to place scripts into different TFS projects then it is impossible to mix them into folders structure required by

2. TFS forbids to map the same PC folder in different TFS workspaces.

3. TFS 2010 is buggy. Sometimes it says that files are up-to-date but files are either old or absent at all.

  • branch can not be renamed

4. SVN does not require Visual Studio to be installed. On some production servers we cannot install VS but CI may be used.

5. Scripts may be checked-in only by VS and editing is not easy because of readonly file attribute if they are stored in TFS. VS is a slow and awkward script editor especially inside of production servers.

6. Scripts have a lot of confidential data therefore permissions management is required.

7. When new project started it is hard to place prototypes into TFS, because new project may not have even its name.