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armature will be the parent object of all the other child objects and each child object will have an Armature Modifier... vertex groups on the child objects... and named after each deforming bone in the armature... Vertex groups will only be created for bones which are setup as deforming

  • With Empty Groups

If you had defined vertex groups using same names as skinned bones, their content will be completely overridden by both Automatic and Envelope Weights. In this case With Empty Groups could be used instead.

  • Automatic Weights

similar to With Empty Groups, but it will not leave the vertex groups empty. It calculates how much influence a particular bone would have on vertices based on the distance from those vertices to a particular bone (“bone heat” algorithm)

  • Envelope Weights

similar way to With Automatic Weights. The difference is that the influences are calculated based on the Bone Envelopes settings. It will assign a weight to each vertex group the vertices... depending on their distance to this bone... newly included/excluded vertices or new envelope settings will not be taken into account