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What not to do in ASP.NET, and what to do instead



  • there was problem with ApiController


appeared support for SignalR, Entity Framework#6

ASP.NET Core[edit]

Web API vsWCF[edit]

API help pages

from ASP.NET Web API to MVC 6

Views by ApiController

pros of Web API over WCF[edit]

  1. easier support because MVC is based on Web API already, it means that any modification of web-site at http://localhost/A will be automatically mirrored at http://localhost/api pages
  2. more natural authorization, because Login page for web-site will work automatically and for http://localhost/api pages. if to use Conf.svc then I have to create another things for its authorization and it is not easy in WCF
  3. Web API is more modern then WCF
  4. Help pages of Web API looks more attractive than help pages of WCF

WEB api help page[edit]

Swigger (needs beta4) or error in Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.HelpPage


  • beta5 Microsoft.Net.Http.Headers.CookieHeaderValue.TryParse cannot parse following cookies: "1LastLoggedInOS=8,40,39,33,21,2,20,31,37,38,30,17,16,25,27,32,28,23,41,4,6,13,7,14,9,10,11,1,34,5,15,24,36,35,22,26,18; 1LastLoggedInDepartments=1; 1Al


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