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"Automatic building" also called as CI or "Continuous integration".

why needed?[edit]

what tool to use?[edit]

TFS Teamcity Jenkins CI/CD Circle CI
price not free free,open-source not free free limited free not free
scripts engine MSBuild, NAnt and other with efforts NAnt, MSBuild etc MSBuild,NAnt, more than Cruisecontrol NAnt, MSBuild etc
scalability 2G of RAM, hard to install light, 0.2G of RAM on Java, needs near 4G of RAM light Runner is light


Self-hosted AppVeyor Team Edition FREE Unlimited users Unlimited projects, jobs & agents 1 team Username/password auth


Strider requires Node 0.10.x or higher and a MongoDB database

Out-of-box support for Node.JS and Python projects.


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