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.NET is made up of the runtime and the SDK. The runtime is used to run a .NET app and may or may not be included with the app. The SDK is used to create .NET apps and libraries... includes all three runtimes

AOT is a spectrum... When you publish ready-to-run images, the build generates machine code for you, ahead of time, instead of the JIT doing it at runtime. Most people will likely accept this as a definition of AOT. However, many people mean something more specific when they say AOT. They want a solution that has the following characteristics: extremely fast startup, no IL present (for size and obfuscation reasons), a JIT is (at most) optional, and binary size is as small as it can be.

alternative implementations of parts of the .NET framework[edit | edit source]

sources[edit | edit source]

.NET 4.5.1 ... 4.8

.NET Core Source Browser


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