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wikipedia:Hierarchical clustering

  • ALGLIB implements several hierarchical clustering algorithms (single-link, complete-link, Ward) in C++ and C# with O(n²) memory and O(n³) run time.
  • ELKI includes multiple hierarchical clustering algorithms, various linkage strategies and also includes the efficient SLINK,<ref name="SLINK" /> CLINK<ref name="CLINK" /> and Anderberg algorithms, flexible cluster extraction from dendrograms and various other cluster analysis algorithms.
  • Octave, the GNU analog to MATLAB implements hierarchical clustering in function "linkage".
  • Orange, a data mining software suite, includes hierarchical clustering with interactive dendrogram visualisation.
  • R has many packages that provide functions for hierarchical clustering.
  • SCaViS computing environment in Java that implements this algorithm.
  • SciPy implements hierarchical clustering in Python, including the efficient SLINK algorithm.
  • scikit-learn also implements hierarchical clustering in Python.
  • Weka includes hierarchical cluster analysis.

wikiru:Иерархическая кластеризация

  • tzolotuhin/visual-graph is poor

some libraries[edit]


Extension:3DAlloy ... MediaWiki extension which allows to add 3D models viewer to site pages. Based on THREE.js

Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

mw:Extension:Semantic_MediaWiki_Graph uses Force directed Graph from d3 to visualize the semantic information in a two-dimensional space.

on SVG[edit]


some interactive[edit]

on Java[edit][edit]

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning library for research and production. TensorFlow offers APIs for beginners and experts to develop for desktop, mobile, web, and cloud.

TensorBoard: Graph Visualization TensorFlow computation graphs are powerful but complicated. The graph visualization can help you understand and debug them.


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