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When the grid sees children it knows it's a column group.

Susy vs Flexbox vs LostGrid[edit]

Susy can be used to complement flexbox for areas for which it is built: grid math... desire to see flexbox as the solution to all layout issues is just going to lead us down another path of hacky layout solutions. So a good way to look at “which to use” given that we don’t have Grid out in browsers yet is to consider whether you are developing something that is essentially one dimensional. If not then flexbox is probably just going to give you a different set of problems. Susy is a pretty good stopgap solution at this point... For me Lost-Grid is more powerful than SUSY and you can even include Flexbox in the global settings

В susy нет ничего такого чего нельзя реализовать на флексах, более того флексбокс мощней

for very big tables[edit]

react-window React components for efficiently rendering large lists and tabular data


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