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WebView based[edit]

NativeScript, PhoneGap or Cordova[edit]

NativeScript does not use WebView boasts a super-fast native bridge (“5x faster than PhoneGap!”). Cocoon.js goes farther, offering a faster experience based on both the use of Canvas+ (which allows avoidance of using WebView at all) and WebView+, a faster implementation of the native WebView.

With the introduction of IOS versions#8, however, developers celebrated the arrival of WKWebView.

not WebView based[edit]

Xamarin, Flutter or React Native[edit]

WebAssembly or JS[edit]

WebAssembly is single-threaded by design, therefore Web worker is needed for multithreading.

CSharp, Dart or Kotlin[edit]

Blazor may convert CSharp to WebAssembly


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