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Theory[edit | edit source]

fluid grid, fluid images, Media queries, Mobile first

wikipedia:Category:Responsive_web_design[edit | edit source]

Angular Material is clearly mobile first or at least very suitable for mobile. This makes it imho a better choice for mobile than Bootstrap, which I regard as desktop first.

Bootstrap vs. Zurb Foundation vs. Skeleton

Ionic is for mobily only - not responsive.

apps that fit both environments can stay with Angular JS, but use Zurb Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap

How mix Zurb_Foundation and Angular?[edit | edit source]

best choice would be wrapping Foundation plugins in angular services or using only CSS/SASS provided with the framework and recreating the behaviour from scratch

How mix Bootstrap and Angular?[edit | edit source]

Compare PrimeNG with Vaadin[edit | edit source]

PrimeFaces is client centric (html5, css, javascript, jquery...) and Vaadin is server centric.

Vaadin is good for small web apps and for developers which came from desktop development. Some people say, Vaadin has less bugs than JSF (well tested). PrimeFaces is richer and more native for web development. You have a fully control in UI. It can be used in big projects without worries about missing components... PrimeFaces' community is bigger than Vaadin's one.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Адаптивное меню без Javascript on CSS only


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