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Automatic testing by CI works better if only one framework is used but not mixture of different testing frameworks.


NSubstitute, Moq, fakeiteasy


no longer define TestFixtures and specify Facts and Theories about your code, which integrates better with the concept of what a test is from a TDD/BDD perspective... Combined mocking framework, Moq

Facts are tests which are always true. Theories are tests which are only true for a particular set of data.

versin 2.4.1 was published on October 29, 2018

differences between Testing frameworks[edit]

MS Unit is not supported by travis-ci, but NUnit is supported

Building_without_Visual_Studio requires not to use MS Unit Tests

програмісту MS Unit Tests зручне, бо інсталюється разом із студією

тестувальнику MS Unit Tests незручне, бо NUnitGUI його не підтримує

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