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UI views are what user see

Controls are how user see

views and UI projections[edit | edit source]

  • зверху вниз, знизу вгору - спокійний, пасивний -> 3d, 2.5d = geoview
    зверху вниз -> 2d горизонтальна = mapview
  • first person - тривожний, бійка -> 2d вертикальна, 2.5d (противники зліва і справа) = battleview
  • в профіль збоку - між спокійним та тривожним, спокійна активність -> 2d вертикальна
  • panorama - дивний -> 3d

Controls[edit | edit source]

Zoom[edit | edit source]

example => battleview - 2.5d


walk[edit | edit source]

First person, also named as fly/walk

Pan[edit | edit source]

see Mapview 2d горизонтальна, істот не видно - pan and zoom

Rotate[edit | edit source]

Rotate over target, Rotate to track target

це класичне і гарне geoview

geoview may have pan to change target

Select camera first then ... parent. Then when you rotate the empty on Z axis the camera should follow

Follow[edit | edit source]

#Zoom and #Rotate to track target

Panorama[edit | edit source]

rotate to change target

may have zoom

examples[edit | edit source]

Minecraft geoview 3d, first person, panorama

Autonauts geoview 2.5d and panorama (press C)

Polycraft geoview 2.5d with only follow camera

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