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field is known everywhere[edit]

метод трассировки (пункт 3 из

field is known in grid only[edit]

Marching Squares (с англ. — «движущиеся квадраты») — алгоритм в компьютерной графике... На вход алгоритм получает регулярную сетку, в каждом узле которой известно значение поля. Выходная сетка может иметь меньшее разрешение (в этом случае теряется точность, но уменьшается ступенчатость).

We start with Marching Squares, then upgrade to Dual Contouring... Quadtrees are a basic data structure in 2D graphics. Quadtreees are hierarchical: a 2D region is recursively split into four quadrants; each quadrant is either a leaf cell or subdivided further... Dual Contouring addresses two issues: Cracks between cells of different sizes Corners being bevelled It does so by considering the dual graph of the quadtree.

Dense Isocontour Imaging... technique that is capable of displaying of as many isocontours (connected components of isolines) as possible at the given view scale without introducing any aliasing


OpenCV's application areas include... Object identification Segmentation and recognition

Canny Edge detector Finding contours


by CSharp[edit]

XNA 4.0... Mostly Working Algorithms 2D Uniform Dual Contouring 2D Adaptive Dual Contouring 3D Uniform Dual Contouring 3D Adaptive Dual Contouring Dual Marching Squares - uses MathNet.Numerics

Quadtree + marching square terrain, and metaball water rendering

direct port of NGildea's Dual Contouring Impl from his blog November 2014 Implementing Dual Contouring... in C

A WPF/C# implementation of the Marching Squares algorithm - no QuadTree

by GDAL[edit]

Creating vectorial isobands with Python GDAL has an utility program, gdal_contour, that generates contour lines from a raster file

Calculating these isolines can be a bit difficult, that’s why I adapted the MarchingSquares.js library to use with a geoPath: raster-marching-squares

by JS[edit]

A JavaScript implementation of the Marching Squares algorithm featuring IsoContour and IsoBand computation