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runs on iOS versions#8+ however NativeScript allows you to both use the latest APIs, and if necessary, detect and degrade gracefully on lower iOS versions

likes Angular#2

Responsive web design‎ is achieved by compiling with appropriate css-file to physical screen size... All qualifiers are taken into account when the page is loading. However, changing the device orientation will not trigger page reload and will not change the current page.

Supported selectors[edit]

  • Type selector
  • Class selector
  • ID selector
  • Hierarchical selector
  • Attribute selector
  • Pseudo selector

Supported CSS properties[edit]

Using fonts[edit]

The font-family property can hold several values. The first supported font in the list will be used. There is also support for the following generic font-families:

  • serif (ex. Times New Roman)
  • sans-serif (ex. Helvetica)
  • monospace (ex. Courier New)
  • Platform specifics: