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Http API[edit]


unique identifier[edit]



Language attributes[edit]

These are the language-specific labels, aliases and descriptions that are assigned to items, properties and queries. These are human-readable text to improve understanding of the scope of the item; for example the specific type of real world entity. If they are missing some of them can be replaced by strings from alternate languages, following the language fallback chains.


Sitelink (Interlanguage link; in the user interface called List of pages linked to this item) is an identification of a linked page on another site. It consists of a site identifier and a title, and are stored in individual items in Wikidata. They are used both for identifying an item from an external site, and as a central storage of interwiki (interlanguage) links.


Life events[edit]

Sources, links[edit]

  • imported from (P143)

source of this claim's value (use only in References section)

  • stated in (P248)

to be used in the source field, to indicate where a claim is made

  • page(s) (P304)

page number of source referenced for statement


  • child (P40)

subject has the object in their family as their offspring son or daughter (independently of their age)

  • father (P22)
  • mother (P25)
  • spouse (P26)


  • image (P18)
  • sex or gender (P21)

Q6581097 - male

Q6581072 - female


wikidata-akka-streams on Scala